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Travel, urban lifestyle, art , particularly visual arts from around the world, music showcasing the growing urban trends, shabby-chic culture, vintage items and restoration of old wooden items, have been my major keen interests and invariably have influenced my lifestyle choices.

Rummaging through the back streets and high street shops of cities and villages I visit is like an adventure, a treasure hunt, picking up unique and historical items, items that tell a story of the people and their culture and how these objects have influenced their lifestyle choices within their communities.
Maffliers, France, where my love for the Shabby-chic culture was born.
Most of the items I collect are kept as memorabilia, sold off to galleries and shops in London. My European collectors also have the opportunity to grab some of these, if they are so lucky!
I enjoy working with upcoming artists from around the world, especially African talents, showcasing their unique designs and products in pop-up locations in London and Europe.
We are developing our brand of Splash-Art products which will be available for general purchase in due course, so keep an eye out!!

Sharing our adventures, artworks and discussing lifestyle tips, we hope we can positively help re-brand lifestyles and engage minds for a more balanced and rewarding life.


Art. Crafts. Objet d’Art

On my searches for new treasures, I have discovered unique art pieces with hundreds year old history.

Timişoara, Romania

Once I found this beautiful piece of baroque ceramic pottery in an old man’s shop in Timişoara, Romania. Turns out it was from around the 1920s, around the time of King Ferdinand I.

I have found brilliant items that would accentuate the overall ambience of any home and give a visual interpretation of the individuality of its owner.


Like many of you, sometimes meeting the complex demands of today’s everyday living can be exhausting. I have found that being creative, having the ability to conceptualise new ideas and putting these ideas to play help in maintaining both physical and mental health. Travelling and seeing new places, meeting new and interesting people and learning new cultures have done wonders in my rather tedious life. Maryia Viarkhusha also suggests these 10 activities  to help boost one’s creative thinking and lifestyle in order to enjoy a healthier life balance.

Pick a hobby. Do something exciting everyday, something new. Build beautiful memories. When I’m not travelling or busy with work, you know, that work that keeps you on your computer or office, factory, warehouse and so on, I get out and about, exploring, searching for pieces of Art, things that give me pleasure and perhaps items my very uber-trendy clients will appreciate.


From Original Paintings, which include Oil, Watercolour and Acrylic paintings, to quality Custom prints, to hand-crafted shabby chic products through to other Wooden products, Antiques and Vintage items, I love to collect them all.

‘The Street Market’, oil on masonite board, by upcoming artist, ADENIRAN


Saint Diés Des Vosge, Northeastern France

Have you ever gone on a travel adventure to some regions of the world not much talked about on the travel sites, just to explore the wilds we hardly see on television?

Perhaps you have friends from parts of the world you never visited and you had the opportunity to visit their towns or villages? What were your first impressions?

Do you enjoy the excitement of seeing new places, mixing with different cultures and experiencing foods you never tried before?

Hohenzollernbrück, Rhein River, Köln, Germany

Travelling has always been a passion for as long as I dare to remember. It is refreshing, relaxing, creates a release, just like a therapy.

Meeting interesting locals, travelling through some amazing landscapes, experiencing different cultures and traditions are things I yearn for every waking moment.

Cologne, Germany

I love the feel of nature. Sometimes escape to a ‘wilderness’ rejuvenates. Standing up a hill in Abuja, Nigeria.

Well-being ~ Smoothies n Healthy Drinks

A major part of the urban trend is keeping fit, making sure you get yourself in a tip- top shape.

The challenges of urban living makes life tedious at times. The hustling and bustling of fast pace life, work and family, means that sometimes we forget to look after our bodies. We are swept up with dealing with everyday issues and oftentimes do not take stock of our diets and what we drink.

Part of my daily routine is making smoothies from fresh vegetables, herbs, fruits and seeds.
Body Cleansing – Detoxifiers


Sex and Singlehood: A Cultural Shift – Part 3

Shaun leaned forward, gave Sofia a kiss on her tender cheek and then sat beside her on the sofa. ‘So, what do you plan to do today?’, Sofia asked, as she took a gentle sip of the coffee, snuggled tightly into his embrace. She remembered the night before and shuddered. He was indeed a beautiful …

Living through the Covid-19 Lockdown

 I’ll tell you a story. Last night I spent more than three hours on WhatsApp video call with a friend who has reached her wits end and was contemplating taking a long rest away from this world which she feels doesn’t care about her anymore. Italian, early thirties and a successful Barrister who lives in …

Travails of a Conoravirus lockdown!!

“Sometimes when you’re in a dark place you think you’ve been buried, but you’ve actually been planted.” — Christine Caine The world has been gripped by the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic which has rendered the entire world scrambling for cover and in total panic, spurred on by the constant reporting by the media. People are dying …


Patrick adefisayo 20180922_224739

From Office Ties to Paints & Brushes

When in 2002 Adefisayo picked up his brush, canvas and paint and started painting, he never knew he was unleashing a passion that had been buried for more than three decades.
Since that first stroke, Adefisayo has never looked back.

His works have developed a uniqueness he also finds astonishing, as though he was looking at someone else’s work, another being far removed from himself.
Once I remember describing to him what I thought. I said, “Once you handle your brush and dip the tip into your oil paint, do you feel you are suddenly transported like a bullet to a totally different realm and in your own world, your own space, alien from the here and now?” His response was, ‘That’s about right’.

Adefisayo is humble and unassuming and very passionate about African concepts and traditions.
His works will be on display on our site and available for purchase soon.


Adeniran Adewale 20180923_024702

Born on the 17th of February 1972 in the town of Ughelli, Delta State, Nigeria, Adewale graduated in English, majoring in Creative Writing.

His love for the Arts began at a very young age whilst watching his older brother, a Graphic Designer, at work.

At the age of 13, he started designing and hand-making Greeting Cards for friends and family.

With his style of writing and design well established, Adewale decided he wanted more.

He moved on to painting realism landscapes and abstract paintings and over the past two decades, he has mastered his art, favouring painting on masonite boards.

Adewale’s love for creative writing won him an award with the American Society of Poets for his poem titled “The Plague-HIV” in 2003.

Today, whilst continuing with his paintings, his passion for writing has got him involved in writing scripts for the Nigerian Movie industry and currently working on a script for a famous Nigerian producer.

Adewale is based in Nigeria.