The Politics of Hate

2015 is around the corner. All over the social media and real world, you meet those who, out of bitterness, envy and malice, sow seeds of discord/dissonance, stab friends and allies behind their backs. These folks have a lot to learn about life.

I believe a lot of people are products of their environment, from childhood through to adulthood.

It is important to search within oneself and identify the reasons why things always fall apart in one’s life.

When good things walk into one’s life, you destroy them because within you, there resides wickedness and as you do not know how to be forthright with the truth, you tend to see everyone in same light!! The outcome? You end up gathering enemies as you move on in life.

LISTEN, LEARN & LIBERATE yourself from the chains of evil impeding your blessings coming your way.

Same goes for the politics of hate, which is wholly destructive. All over the Internet, you wonder if indeed there’ll be a future for Nigeria after the February 14 2015 Presidential elections.

You see the hatred and wickedness of man being in full display and expressed in hate posts.

Sometimes I do indeed wonder if mankind can ever recover from this path of destruction!!

First published on the 31st December 2014
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