Travel for Self-Realization!!

“Travel not to escape life, but so life doesn’t escape you” ~ Unknown

The other day I was engaged in a conversation with a friend about travelling and the difference, if any, between a tourist and an adventurer.

For me, a tourist goes on holiday or trips to enjoy the time away from home, to rest and get away from routine. A tourist goes to see popular places, has a set of goals to conquer. It is not surprising to find some tourists limiting their trips to just within the resort, venturing out just to take a few photos and explore a few local places of interest.

On the other hand, an adventurer is an explorer, seeking new thrills, going to places not necessarily covered in the travel brochure. An adventurer lives on impulse, mixing with the locals in order to understand the cultures, people and how different they are.

As Marty Rubin once said, “Travel doesn’t become an adventure until you leave yourself behind”.

To explore, to see new sights, feel new energy, one has to release oneself and just be.

Whatever you are, a tourist, an adventurer, or both, kudos to you, you are alive and and well!

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