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From Office Ties to Paints & Brushes

When in 2002 Adefisayo picked up his brush, canvas and paint and started painting, he never knew he was unleashing a passion that had been buried for more than three decades.
Since that first stroke, Adefisayo has never looked back.

His works have developed a uniqueness he also finds astonishing, as though he was looking at someone else’s work, another being far removed from himself.
Once I remember describing to him what I thought. I said, “Once you handle your brush and dip the tip into your oil paint, do you feel you are suddenly transported like a bullet to a totally different realm and in your own world, your own space, alien from the here and now?” His response was, ‘That’s about right’.

Adefisayo is humble and unassuming and very passionate about African concepts and traditions.
His works will be on display on our site and available for purchase soon.


Adeniran Adewale 20180923_024702

Born on the 17th of February 1972 in the town of Ughelli, Delta State, Nigeria, Adewale graduated in English, majoring in Creative Writing.

His love for the Arts began at a very young age whilst watching his older brother, a Graphic Designer, at work.

At the age of 13, he started designing and hand-making Greeting Cards for friends and family.

With his style of writing and design well established, Adewale decided he wanted more.

He moved on to painting realism landscapes and abstract paintings and over the past two decades, he has mastered his art, favouring painting on masonite boards.

Adewale’s love for creative writing won him an award with the American Society of Poets for his poem titled “The Plague-HIV” in 2003.

Today, whilst continuing with his paintings, his passion for writing has got him involved in writing scripts for the Nigerian Movie industry and currently working on a script for a famous Nigerian producer.

Adewale is based in Nigeria.