Stock Rochford Hall, Grantham, United Kingdom. Sept ’16

Ever since in 2015 when I became a single parent to two adorable little girls, I have come to appreciate the deeper meaning of living, to do just those things, to the best of ones capability, both financial and emotional, that give lasting happiness and build memories to cherish for the rest of one’s life.

Amsterdam Schipol Airport, The Netherlands. August 2018

Having spent the most part of my life in the corporate world as a Business Economist, Change Management Expert, Strategist and also working within the corporate retail sector in London, United Kingdom, I still felt unfulfilled, not living the life I wanted for myself and my family.

Then changing circumstances meant I had to take a tough decision. I was filled with trepidation and uncertainty for the future, as a single father. However, having plunged myself into the life of single parenting, I had to make adjustments, and that, my dear friends, was how I became reborn.

I have always had a huge passion for traveling, restoration of old wooden household furnishings and objet d’Art, writing and visual arts. Once I took up painting as a hobby in my former life but due to work/life pressures, I gave that up.

Sharing my travel adventures, oftentimes with my children in tow, to some of the most beautiful destinations, is one of the aims of this blog site. I have a keen interest in urban living and how the changing face of urban life is impacting on our lifestyles, from the growth in the shabby chic culture, to music trends and health & well-being.

Saw this beauty at the Amsterdam Centraal IJ River Waterfront

On our travels, we explore wonderful cities and villages, mix with the locals in order to experience different cultures and traditions and what makes them different from us.

Nordrhein-westfalen Region, (Frechen), Germany. Aug ’18

My love for the arts and vintage items come alive as I venture through the back streets, art shops and antique shops looking for little treasures, as my daughters would say😊. I have had occasions where some locals would offer me items to buy off them, items that define their cultural heritage and traditions.

Some items I collect on my travels are usually kept for memories and many others are sold off to London galleries, dealers and collectors.

Found this pair of ceramic vases in Timişoara, Romania

Within this site, you will find blogs ranging from our travel exploits, amazing videos and pictures depicting urban art and culture, lifestyle tips and recipes for making healthy drinks.

I partner with upcoming artists, showcasing their works online and in pop-up locations in London and across Europe.

‘The African Waterbearer’, by upcoming African artist ADENIRAN

We are also in the process of launching our own brand of Splash Art products which we will make available online and in other shopping outlets in the UK and Europe.

I also engage my time in commodities and share trading, writing and learning how to play the piano.

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